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Company and docking Fuzhou University to carry out research activities

On December 4, status, vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor cheng-wei zhang civil-operated department and part of the enterprise on behalf of a line of 17 people in fuzhou university developing docking, chairman of the board of directors of the company I Zhao Decun hong-jun li, deputy general manager at the docking activities.
Municipal party committee, municipal government support "qi school marriage work, relevant departments actively for enterprises and scientific research institutions. This docking activity, is the department concerned with the aid of fuzhou university in the city of scientific and technological achievements of blessed LiYe transformation on the basis of success. Fuzhou university attaches great importance to the docking, made an elaborate plan, the status of the people's government in Friday morning - fuzhou university of science and technology cooperation agreement signing ceremony, member of Chinese academy of engineering, fuzhou university President fu to attend


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