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Usher in a golden development of new material industry in China

September 6th to 8, to vigorously promote the Ministry of industry and information technology, the first China International New Material Industry Expo held in Harbin city in Heilongjiang province. During the exhibition, held including chemical new material exchange nearly 12 symposium, the Ministry of raw materials division deputy director Gao Yunhu also on the upcoming "new material industry development during the Twelfth Five Year Plan" is analyzed, the new material will for the first time as an independent industry boarded the stage of history, highlight the importance of materials in China's economic and industrial development.
According to the development plan of new materials, new materials industry in 2015 to reach the scale of the total output value of 2 yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%; "improve the comprehensive support capability of China's new materials products in the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period to 70% key new material guarantee capacity reached 50%, the realization of carbon fiber, titanium alloy and other key species of industrialization, scale. The fair has become a veritable feast of new material industry.


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