What is the difference between polyester and epoxy?

What is the difference between polyester and epoxy?


The primary advantage of polyester resin centres on its excellent mechanical and chemical stability, as well as low cost. It can be combined with glass fibre to create a composite structure – fibreglass. This is an incredibly strong, lightweight and durable material with proven waterproofing, abrasion resistance and protective features. As well as being low-cost and relatively easy to use, it is also more flexible than carbon fibre.


Epoxy Resin is highly adhesive and durable resin and is used in a wide range of normally very high specification products From aircraft components, boat building and the construction industry. Epoxy laminating resin, when used with carbon fibre creates incredibly strong, rigid and lightweight structures.

Elsewhere, epoxy resin is used in the industrial and commercial flooring markets, as well as for higher-end sectors like space and aerospace. Compared to polyester resin is more expensive, but possesses greater strength and therefore has more direct applications. 

Post time: 1月-29-2024

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